BAT Refutes Claims its Talent recruitment program promotes its products

Listed cigarette manufacturer BAT Kenya has refuted claims that its Global Internship
recruitment competition-Battle of the minds is meant to promote the consumption of tobacco products amongst the youth.

In a statement, the company said that the competition which targets students who are 18
years and above adheres to all applicable rules on tobacco advertising and promotion, and
is designed to offer university students an opportunity to gain practical work experience.
“Established to attract, celebrate and support the best and brightest young talent, the
program is conducted in a transparent and responsible manner, and in accordance with
all applicable rules on tobacco advertising and promotion,” said a spokesperson for the
company in a statement. The company was responding to allegations raised by the Kenya Tobacco Control Alliance (KETCA), which issued a statement saying the cigarette manufacturer was duping students into consuming its products under the guise of nurturing innovation and creativity.

BAT Kenya, however, clarified that its competition is not intended to promote its products.
“In order to progress in the competition, participants are asked to devise and pitch an
innovative business case, unrelated to tobacco, “the company noted in its statement.