Bible Society of Kenya Unveils Revised Maasai Bible

Bible Society of Kenya officially unveiled the Revised Maasai Bible, a more advanced edition of the old Maasai Bible.

The Bible which will specifically serve the Maasai Community living in Kenya and Tanzania regions is more advanced and offers a more independent, readable version of the Maasai Bible.

The revision was informed by the intelligibility of the Maasai dialects and evolution of language.

Speaking during the launch, Mrs. Elizabeth Muriuki, Chief Executive Officer, Bible Society of Kenya said that the Revised Bible is a dedication to the Maasai people as part of the society’s mission to ensure transformation through scripture use. ‘At the Bible Society of Kenya, our mission is to ensure that every Christian within the borders can read and understand the word of God.’ Through translation of the Bible into various languages we ensure that Christians can read the Bible in a language that they understand.’ She added.

The Bible Society of Kenya has lined up a number of translation projects to cater for various local communities to ensure preservation of indigenous local languages through scripture transformation and Bible work.

The Society has translated over 21 Bibles into local languages and several Bible revisions and Bible portions for school-going children.

Mrs. Nyambura Musyimi, Vice – Chair, Bible Society of Kenya noted that revisions are important due to language evolution, population pressures, globalization and the spread of industrialization.

Narok County Governor Hon. Samuel Tunai noted that bible literacy as a form of social development for the community. He applauded the Society’s efforts of translating the Bible into indigenous languages and associated as a form of cultural preservation.

Kenya has 53 ethnic groups with 80 percent of the total population being Christians. Only 22 of these groups have complete Bibles. The society envisions Christianity penetration in the next 10 years and is ensuring every Christian owns a Bible, is able to read and understand the Bible through its Bible Literacy program.

The chief guest of the launch which was held at Narok Stadium was Archbishop Dr. Jackson Ole Sapit.