Economic benefits of SGR project to increase
Jul 12, 2018

Business booms at Kandisi with expected completion of standard gauge railway station

By Komu, local employee from section 1

One of the two Standard Gauge Railway (SGR Phase IIA) stations within the greater Nairobi metropolis- the other one is in Ngong town- is being built at Kandisi on the outskirts of Ongata Rongai town.

Residents are excited yet cautious.

Mama Njeri, a long time area resident who runs a hardware shop near the station is excited: ‘I am sure once the first train rolls in, I will not need to tell people where Kandisi is anymore’ – she says, a smile of satisfaction lighting her weather beaten face.

‘We expect a flood of people once the station opens’, Mama Karendi says as she packs sugar into 1 Kg packets. Her well-stocked provisional shop is on the front row of a set of newly constructed rental rooms near the construction site.

‘All the rooms are occupied’ she tells me when I ask her if there is a spare room. There are fourteen rooms in this block of rental rooms; seven on either side.

‘We initially put up these rooms to serve construction workers at the site, but some people are asking for bigger houses; we might put up a block of flats if the demand is sustained’ she adds.

Mutisya is however cautious: Most of our daily transport needs are to and from Nairobi rather than to and from Mombasa or Kisumu, if the SGR will not have a metropolitan service [to and from Nairobi], then we might be worse off than Sultan Hamud or Salama; passengers, unless they live here, will always prefer the Nairobi Inland Container Deport (ICD) Station

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