Crown Paints launch new exterior paint to boost wall protection

Listed Paint manufacturer Crown Paints has launched the latest innovative exterior paints product to protect buildings from extreme weather conditions that cause dilapidation and loss of value in the property market.

The CEO Rakesh Rao said Crown Ultraguard Protect will offer over 15 years protection from water, dust, colors fading and crack bridging, maintaining property value for a long time. The products is based on the German Silicone Technology & have unique features like dirt pick up resistance & crack bridging along with water repellent property & UV rays protection. The product formulation is tested in German labs & extreme physical condition for durability. 

 “The new paint doesn’t allow water to penetrate thru film due to silicone components in products same time allow moisture to breathe out from the concrete, while hindering water from outside to penetrate the walls. Ultraguard Protect has high-quality raw materials that protect from ultraviolet rays which are responsible for the fading of colors & maintaining the building to look fresh for many years. Crown Paints was 1st company to introduce Siliocne technology in year 2015 with high-performance paint with unique water repellent property & this year again Crown Paints have introduced combination of advanced silicone technology which give dirt pick up resistance & fiber reinforce technology which cover or bridges the cracks upto 1 mm over concrete due to expansion and contraction” Rao added.

The new innovative paint is part of the firm’s strategies to tap into the growing property market in the country by protecting walls and creating more jobs, both directly and indirectly in the market. 

The exterior products are expected to protect walls from water, moisture, dirt and uv rays for years if used effectively on walls by following the recommended paint system, i.e. using Crown undercoat emulsion for exterior & interior or Crown 3 masonry primer followed by skim coat Crown Walplast cement putty for exterior. Ultraguard protect comes in various sizes in 20 litres, 4 litres and 1 litre and over 9000 shades are available in the market.