DRC, Somalia, Yemen and Luxenburg among 39 states and territories exempted from quarantine

The newly updated list by KCAA includes 39 new approved states and territories exempted from quarantine upon arrival with a COVID-19 negative Certificate bringing the total number to 186.

Some of the international states include Philipines, Luxenburg, Iceland, Oman and Yemen.While Continental countries include Sudan, Somalia, DRC, Congo, Algeria Eswatini and Mali amongst others

These Covid-19 protocols are to be followed in the cross-border movement of people and goods and any passenger with an elevated body temperature shall be referred to secondary assessment by port health services present at the airport for COVID-19 testing and will not be allowed to travel.

The states and territories exempted met the WHO threshold that indicates a state/territory is approved if; there no reported cases, reports one or more sporadic cases imported or locally detected, cases clustered in time, its geographical location, and/or by common exposures and larger outbreaks of local transmission.