Less Space, More Power Samsung’s Premium Sound Bar

Samsung electronics has introduced into the Kenyan Market the 2014 Premium Soundbar, which is a sleek powerful appliance that boosts powerful sound beyond the TV experience.

The Soundbar provide invisible but immersive sound quality that comes with an ultra thin SoundStand with 6 built in speakers that bring out deep, rich bass music to your ears.

Unlike the home theatre appliances, the Samsung Soundbar is designed to take less space in the home without compromising the sound output. It has a built in woofer, HD audio technology that brings about sound quality as real as the live recording experience.

Like most Samsung products, the sound bar has a Bluetooth function, so one can easily sync it up with a Smartphone or tablet. It has a TV Sound Connect function that allows for the wireless connection of TV and the Soundbar via Bluetooth. HDMI cables and connections are no longer a hustle with this premium Soundbar.

What better way to incorporate stylish design with a powerful sound bar that brings out the mellowest sound in the smartest way in your living room.