Macklemore’s Trumpeter Arunga gives young bloggers a “Billion Reasons to Believe”

Monday, 13th July 2015:- Young inspiring bloggers handpicked by Coca-Cola and the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) got a rare opportunity to interact with Grammy-award winning musician Owuor Arunga, who is best known as Macklemore’s trumpeter.

Arunga took time off his schedule during the Coke Studio Africa production to mentor the young bloggers for the “Billion Reasons to Believe” campaign.

“Whoever works the most – wins the most. Take things and create something out of it – that’s the Kenyan spirit.” said  Owuor Arunga.

He reiterated that the African mind is full of potential, opportunity and great resource.

“There are so many writers in Nairobi who are intellectually stimulated, it’s important to use your entrepreneurial skills additionally. It’s till untapped.” He further advised the bloggers, who were visiting Coke Studio Africa studios as part of their training stint as upcoming bloggers.

Arunga added that possibilities are limitless as he inspired the bloggers with his story of being making it big. From a small town in Kisumu, he made his way to the USA to pursue further education and a career in music.

He talked to them about making friends with American rapper Macklemore while still studying in school, and how the two shared dreams of making music for the world to hear.

They have since recorded albums, toured the world and won four Grammies at the 56th annual Grammy Awards, among feats.

The CEO of Arunga Music LLC is also the music director of One Vibe Africa’s Madaraka Festival and directs/writes music with Macklemore.

Working as a producer in the new season of Coke Studio Africa, he will be working with Victoria Kimani (Kenya) and Alikiba (Tanzania) for their mash-ups.

Coca – cola launched the “Billion Reasons to Believe campaign to not only enrich the lives of youth across the continent by encouraging and daring them to go after their aspirations but also get them to share their success stories and the journey in order to inspire others.