MultiChoice Africa launches talent Factory in Nairobi

MultiChoice Africa  in collaboration with  stakeholders in different disciplines has launched a multi choice talent factory that seeks to tap and nurtur new talents in Africa’s film industry that is rapidly evolving.

The factory is an Africa-wide, multi-tiered educational and experiential-learning programme designed to provide the African creative industry with a platform to learn, develop their talent, engage and connect with each other’s through their shared passions. 

Speaking during the launch, MultiChoice Kenya Eric Odipo said the move is a value shared initiative that seeks to connect  societal and  economic touch points using MultiChoice’s corporate assets and expertise to address stakeholder needs and create shared value for the business and key stakeholders  by creating value for its customers,  employees and society.

“ For far too long African story has been left untold, focus has been put majorly on economic areas, MultiChoice Africa, together with its valued partners and stakeholders across the continent have joined hands united in our duty to make a socio-economic difference in the communities in we live and  work using the film industry,” said Odipo during the launch. 

Using its main channels: Africa magic, Maisha  magic Tanzania, Maisha East Magic, Zambezi magic Television MNet and Supersport Tv,the factory will develop emerging TV and film talent whilst simultaneously to promote the growth of local content in key markets through a well-structured and impactful social investment programme. 

Njoki Muhoho the East Africa academy director said the company will select 20 students among the applicants and offer them full one year sponsorship within the academy to undergo a well filming structured curriculum training that focuses on igniting African creative culture.

“This is not a competition, it is a  boot camp of our own for our own and to our own. It is the boiling point through which we we want to tell our story and import it to the outside world,” she said.

Each regional Academy will feature 20 students each and will be led by a well-respected, local industry expert in partnership with recognised institutions to ensure credibility & professional qualification which will culminate in the students’ graduation” she added. 

Kenya’s academy raises the number of the academies to three in Africa with one in Zambia and another one in Nigeria. This means that every year, the factory will be release 60 students fully trained and are ready to tell the African story using film.

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply by login in   the Multi-choice portal.