Super Pump Prices Up

Kenyans to pay more for Petrol Pump Price

Motorists using petrol will pay more per litre, after the Energy Regulatory Commission reviewed its monthly prices. However, the commission reduced prices for diesel and paraffin.

The commission increased the price of Super by KES 0.76 per litre, while reducing diesel and Kerosene prices by KES1.69 and KES 1.07 respectively.

Diesel, which will now retail at KES 102.98 per litre, is a prime mover for the economy, as it is the main fuel used by transporters while Kerosene, used by many households for cooking and lighting will cost KES 83.05 per litre.

A statement from Electricity Regulatory Commission said the changes took into account the weighted average costs of imported products, which meant the overall result of the maximum allowed price of Diesel decreased by KES 1.69 per litre, that of Kerosene decreased by KES 1.07 per litre, while Super Petrol increased by KES 0.76 per litre.