Toyota Kenya launches a 490-panel roof-top solar plant at its offices

Toyota Kenya inaugurated the installation of solar panels at their headquarters along Mombasa road in Nairobi.

The launch saw Toyota unveil a 490 – panel roof-top solar plant with a power capacity of 180kW and an annual energy production of 230,000 kWh.

Speaking at the launch, Toyota Kenya Chairman Ambassador Dennis Awori reiterated that the company will continue to be the right corporate partner both for the development and protection of the environment in countries it does business.

“At Toyota Kenya, we are turning to renewable energy in order to play our role in environmental conservation by reducing our carbon footprint. This is driven by the fact that we recognize and appreciate the direct connection between climate change and our overall financial wellbeing,” said Mr. Awori.

Toyota Kenya is both the first auto-dealer in Kenya and the first Toyota Tsusho Company Group distributor in Africa to embrace green energy by adopting solar power. The solar plant which has a guaranteed six-year payback period is projected to save the company KSH 17million in electricity bills over a period of twenty years and reduce their carbon footprint by 45 metric tonnes per year.

Toyota Kenya Managing Director Mr. Arvinder Singh Reel said that as part of Toyota’s Sustainable Plant vision, the company is determined to design its operations to work in harmony with the local community to protect the environment.

“As Toyota Kenya, we will continue to seek ways to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and this solar power installation is one link in a long chain of measures we are taking to make our business not only cost-effective but also environment-friendly.

We will continue to identify and adopt sustainable practices across all our operations and we are urging others to follow suit,” he added.

The roof-top Solar Plant is expected to substitute up to 40% of the firm’s electricity consumption and reduce electricity costs by 17%. In 2015, Toyota adopted the Toyota Earth Charter where the company made a commitment to focus on growth that is in harmony with the environment, pursue technologies that enable the environment and economy to coexist harmoniously and address environmental issues on the global, national and regional scales.

Toyota Kenya’s adoption of solar power is in line with goal number seven of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which calls for the adoption of affordable and clean energy. The SDGs are the United Nation’s blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.