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Toyota Kenya launches Toyota & Lexus Genuine Motor oils

Toyota Kenya Limited has made a bold bid to augment its presence in Kenya’s motor oil segment by launching two new products in Nairobi today. The newly launched range of lubricants consisting of TGMO SL/CF grade 15E40 SL/CF, 20W50SL and LGMO 5W40 SN/CF are available in one litre, four litres and five litres packaging.

By Harnessing cutting edge Japanese technology specially formulated for the Toyota vehicle, the new Toyota Genuine Motor Oils (TGMO) and Lexus Genuine Motor Oils (LGMO) provide advanced protection that can help to extend engine life by using refined oil as compared with standard oil products. The TGMO which is a mineral oil and the LGMO which is synthetic oil are available in all Toyota Kenya outlets across the country.

Speaking at the launch held at the Toyota Kenya, Nairobi Toyota Kenya Managing Director Arvinder Reel hailed the new oils as a game changer in the Kenyan lubricants scene.

“Our team of experts has achieved what was previously thought unattainable by delivering significant CO2 reductions from the oil’s life cycle thereby producing oil which helps to extend your engine life by providing better control of deposit formation while maintaining a high order of engine cleanliness,” he said.

The newly launched oils specially designed by Toyota for Toyota vehicles have

a strong, thin film of protection that allows the engine parts to work together thereby preventing the engine from overheating and seizing up. They also help to seal the gap between the piston and cylinder wall enabling your engine to deliver maximum power while neutralizing acids such as rust created during combustion hence eliminating corrosion for a longer engine life.

“Toyota has always been at the forefront in terms of research and development to offer our customers products with the latest cutting-edge technology that can benefit them with higher performance and reliability features. This is why these new oils are formulated to provide smooth functioning of the engine which reduces the amount of energy that is wasted to give you maximum kilometres per litre,” added Mr. Reel.

In the same pursuit of higher performance, the new oils by Toyota are guaranteed to help prevent the formation of deposits, keeping your engine clean and preventing the piston rings from sticking. This keeps corrosion from wear and tear at bay resulting in longer life for the engine while ensuring smoother running for the engine.