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6 Best Fine Dining Restaurants & Cafes in Mombasa, Kenya

Nestled In The Coastal City Of Mombasa – Find These Serene Sea-Facing Restaurants In EnglishPoint Marina Hotel & Spa

Located on a quaint and beautiful white sandy beach in Mombasa, EnglishPoint Marina Hotel & Spa offers spectacular views of Old Town and Mombasa harbor. English Point Hotel is known for its amazing views, perfectly matched seasonal menu, and high customer satisfaction.

Our restaurants offer an excellent selection of unique dishes and a wide variety of tastes. We have authentic traditional favorites as well as modern interpretations for everyone to enjoy! Whether you’re craving something new or want to reminisce over old favorites, our restaurants should be at the top of your list.

All of our restaurants are located on the Boardwalk at EnglishPoint Marina so you’ll be able to enjoy amazing views of Mombasa City and everything it has to offer. A luxury dining experience unlike any other awaits you. Come and spend some time at one of these six restaurants in Mombasa –

The 6 Best Fine Dining Restaurants & Cafes You Can’t-Miss Out on

There are plenty of fine dining restaurants in Mombasa, but if you’re looking for the best and most unique places, you’ll have to look no further than these six restaurants-

Café Arabica: Breakfast & Brunch With Amazing Views

Café Arabica

If you’re looking for a place to start your day with a really good breakfast, or are planning to visit Mombasa at any point, stop by Cafe Arabica. They offer great food and an excellent location that’s perfect for any occasion.

Cafe Arabica serves a sumptuous mix of coffee and food and is known for its authenticity in Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine. One of the things that make Cafe Arabica so unique is our wide range of beverages. Customers can sip on over 20 Kenyan tea and coffee variants, as well as slushes, milkshakes, and smoothies.

You can’t beat the views from this outdoor cafe! The location across from Mombasa Old Town provides some great scenery for you to enjoy your morning coffee and relax.

Karahi: Finest Indian Restaurant Near Nyali Beach, Mombasa


An authentic Awadhi Indian cuisine restaurant – Karahi, we’ve carefully curated a menu of traditional dishes. We’re the perfect destination for Indian food in Mombasa. Nawabs have long been known for their delicious food and lush hospitality.

Karahi combines the taste of India with Nawabi twists, providing a unique experience to those who enjoy tasting the different Indian flavors. Your Chefs come from the region and we want you to enjoy their authentic flavors. Karahi offers a great atmosphere and delicious cuisine for all tastes, as well as providing family-style dining.

If you’re looking for a great Indian restaurant in the area that offers some delicious food, and generous portions and is open for lunch and dinner, you’ve come to the right place! We are open every day from 12 pm to 11 pm.

Sunset Lounge: Enjoy The Best Food, Drinks & Conversations Here

sunset lounge

If you want to experience a truly beautiful and vibrant nightlife in Mombasa, then Sunset Lounge is the perfect spot for you. With its modern ambiance only matched by the beach and city views, this lounge has all of the right ingredients to be the ideal place to get together with friends or your significant other.

Sunset Lounge not only provides some of the best food on the Boardwalk but is also a popular spot to go on the weekends, with both guests and locals. It has a spectacular view of the Marina. We have a large selection of drinks and coffee to choose from in our lounge, as well as an exquisite seating area.

Sunset Lounge is a favorite among food lovers, offering extraordinary services and an excellent menu. If you’re visiting Mombasa, head to Sunset Lounge near Nyali beach with tasty barbecue food, drinks, and a fun music atmosphere. Get to know the locals while enjoying your visit to the lounge.

Margherita: Authentic Italian Restaurant In Mombasa


Margherita is a great authentic Italian restaurant located on the Boardwalk. Their menu includes pasta, pizza, and more. The architecture and atmosphere at this small restaurant are truly reminiscent of Italy. You can see the pizza being made, thanks to the open kitchen. All guests can also view the oven in action, and it’s quite fascinating!

Margherita focuses on authenticity by using ovens that cook their pizza in the same way pizzas have been cooked for centuries. They use high-quality wooden plates to remind your guests about what real pizza used to be like back in the day. When in Mombasa, try the best pizzas at Margherita restaurant!

Masa: One-of-a-kind Pan-Asian Restaurant In Mombasa

Pan-Asian Restaurant In Mombasa

Masa has been increasingly becoming a hotspot for quality feasting and dining. It is known for its delicious Japanese and Asian cuisine. You’ll be spoiled for choice amongst all the appetizing dishes on the menu at Masa and you’re in for a unique gastronomical experience whilst you enjoy different Pan-Asian cuisines.

This restaurant is truly out of this world! They have an extensive menu with multiple types of cuisine and are easily accessible to both tourists and locals. The food is authentic and so are their service-wide high standards.

Masa is one of the most renowned restaurants in the city for good reason—its spectacular view, classy decor, and amazing food. If you want to experience something new and exciting in town, make sure to head over to EnglishPoint’s Boardwalk.

Nautica: Best Spot For 24/7 Dining In Mombasa, Kenya

Best Spot For Dining In Mombasa

Nautica offers an inspiring atmosphere for a creative, top-class Restaurant in Mombasa. It is structured like a yacht and provides all the services guests need to enjoy their food and drinks. They offer an amazing menu with creative options; fine dining restaurants as well as a quick meal option for those who want to indulge.

The menu offers various options for all your dining needs – including dine-in, takeout, and catering. You can choose from any of their myriad Italian or American dishes. Located in EnglishPoint Marina Hotel & Spa on the boardwalk, Nautica is perfect for those who are up for a really great time!

Delicious Adventures Awaits You At These Top Fine Dining Restaurants In Mombasa – Reserve Your Table Now!

Mombasa is known for its unique culture, natural beauty, and friendly people. We have made sure that our hotel provides our guests with the best of Mombasa’s hospitality by providing them with an excellent dining experience.

If you’re in Mombasa on a retreat, EnglishPoint Marina Hotel & Spa won’t disappoint. Here you will truly find a luxurious retreat from the bustle. The serene setting and breathtaking views will make any date night feel like a special one!

Located on the coast of Mombasa, English Point Marina Hotel & Spa and its restaurants offer spectacular views you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Dining at one of these restaurants will make for a relaxing experience. Reserve your table today, call us at +254730930106.

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