All counties to receive mobile clinics

Mrs. Margaret Kenyatta hands over the Mobile Clinic to Samburu County Health Officials: She encouraged community members and expectant mothers to make use the facility for post and pre-natal check-ups.

First lady Margaret Kenyatta’s Beyond Zero initiative intends to deliver mobile clinics to all of Kenya’s 47 counties.

So far, the clinics, which are intended to compliment the level 4 hospitals in the country have been delivered to Taita Taveta, Narok and Samburu counties.

They will ensure health services are brought closer to underserved Kenyan communities to tackle health challenges associated with preventable and curative diseases.

Samburu County currently has 58 health facilities.

The county is faced with an age old tradition of Female Genital Mutilation, pneumonia and HIV/AIDS described by county health officials as a major cause of death.

Reports by Kenya’s Ministry of Health indicate that in 2013, there were 6,883 people living with HIV in Samburu County, out of which 895 or 13pc are children, with most unable to access anti-retro viral drugs.

The Samburu County first Lady, Lilly Lenonkulal said age old traditions, lack of education and poor health infrastructure has contributed to a drawback in health services within the county.

“Poor access to health facilities, illiteracy among community dwellers and strong cultural following are largely to blame for the lack of improvement in health care in the county,” said Mrs. Lenonkulal.