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Bungoma Pator Pastor detained as police uncover human remains in car boot

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 9 – Police in Webuye East have arrested a self-proclaimed pastor after discovering body parts in the boot of his car in Bungoma’s Masikhu market.

According to Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Levis Simiyu, who serves as a pastor at a local ministry in Ndivisi ward, had taken his car for a routine body wash when a service attendant noticed a protruding human leg, partially burnt and placed among other macabre remains in a carton inside the vehicle’s boot.

“It was when the service guy was making the final touches at the boot that he noticed a protruding human leg, partly burnt and resting atop other such parts. The young man abandoned his duty ready to retire early,” the DCI stated.

Alarmed by the grisly sight, the worker immediately alerted the petrol station manager, who wasted no time contacting the authorities at Webuye station, who swiftly responded and managed to intercept the suspect before he could live the premises.

“Simiyu is currently in police custody, cooperating with investigators as they delve into the disturbing discovery,” the agency noted.

The recovered body parts were later transferred to Webuye County Hospital morgue for preservation and further forensic examination

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