Cake Mixing Ceremony to Usher in Christmas Held by Sarova Stanley

Sarova Stanley has always kept the tradition of cake mixing alive. This year, the hotel hosted a spectacular cake mixing session to officially usher in the festive season.

“It is the season of happiness. It has been a rough year but here we are. Alive and kicking. Smiling. We are delighted to host this cake mixing session today,” said General Manager Sarova Stanley Duncun Mwangi.

The session signifies the start of Christmas and the festive season in general. It has its roots tied to the 17th-century tradition as the harvest season arrived. During this period a lot of fruits and nuts were harvested and prepared to go and make a traditional plum cake.

The fruits are laid out and then spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg are sprinkled into the mix. Next comes alcohol, which is poured on the mixing table. People then mix this up. The color and aroma then start to surface the surrounding which is usually heartwarming. “We wish every Kenyan a happy festive season,” Mr. Mwangi added.