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City Hall hosts round table meeting on climate change

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 30 – The Nairobi County Government hosted partners to a round table to discuss Climate Change stakeholders mapping.

The stakeholders meeting which was organised in collaboration with the Kenya Green Building Society, C40 Cities and others partners sought to identify key implementation partners for the Nairobi City County Climate Action Plan and also seek support for the upcoming Climate Change Summit in the City in September 2023.

“Through this strong partnership I am witnessing today the implementation of the Nairobi City County Climate action plan 2020-2050 is no longer a dream but whose reality will be achieved through development of relevant regulations to co create resources for education, sensitization and awareness Programmes for Nairobi residents across the City on climate change; provide technical support to the County in accessing the Green Climate finance that will support climate adaptation and mitigation interventions,” Green Nairobi County Executive who was the chief guest stated.

Njeri mentioned that the County has already begun to implement its Climate Action Plan, through a collaborative and extensive city engagement process, undertaken by the Green Nairobi sector.

She said the sector has identified the actions with the highest emission reduction potential, and is in the process of developing a roadmap to take the county from the status quo and put it on a trajectory towards net zero.

“We have also established a Climate Action Steering Committee within the city with representation from all sectors, to ensure that the entire administration is consciously working towards this target,” she stated.

The County Executive mentioned that the Sector has received a lot of support where environment and Climate change matters are concerned, from the Governor, H.E Sakaja Johnson, and that the county is committed to implementing the Action Plan to the latter.

She went on to state that some of interventions being undertaken by the county in mitigating Climate change such as enhancement of tree cover through tree planting programme and interventions on Nairobi river regeneration with support from Nairobi Rivers Commission among many other interventions.

She added that the City will champion a climate change resilience led corhot towards participating in the African Climate Change Summit coming up in September 2023.

“This workshop not only opens the road map to the city endeavours to the summit, but also provides an opportunity to showcase our city’s ability to attract dignity, order, hope and opportunity for all,” she noted.

She further encouraged the stakeholders to adapt public spaces for greening purposes inorder to make Nairobi habitable.

The County Director for Environment and Natural Resources Paul Malawi lauded the stakeholders present for coming together to deliberate on issues affecting the county and working towards getting solutions for the City of Nairobi.

Deputy Director Climate Change and Air Quality Monitoring Mr Maurice Kavai, noted that the city has committed to play its part to reduce the growth of future emissions through the development of a Climate Action Plan.

“Through such partnerships with stakeholders, the city aims to transition to a lower emissions and resilient future through; low carbon solutions and climate- proofing the transport infrastructure, transitioning to a circular economy, climate proofing housibg stock, working towards clean and zero waste cit, clean and secure energy city, urban development, water resource management and resilient food systems among other other climate action priority areas,” Kavai said.

He also pointed out that the County has committed to continually review and update the Climate Action Plan in order to explore opportunities to increase ambition in the future and strengthen the mainstreaming of climate change in the County Integrated Development Plan and Annual Development Plans.

He further said that the county is providing a platform for stakeholders to come together and help fill in the gaps in the Climate Action Plan as well as help the county in implementing the Action Plan.

“The County is also currently working with the World Bank to develop Climate Change policy. I urge you all to join hands with us as we walk this journey. “He added.

The Nominated Member of the County Assembly Hon. Nasra Nanda, who is also the Chief Executive Officer Kenya Green Building Society called on the stakeholders to look for ways to helping the County succeed in achieving its Climate Action Plan.

Nairobi City County Climate Action Plan is a detailed and and strategic document highlighting the efforts the Capital City Government intends to to carry out out inorder to reduce green house gas emissions and strengthen resilience and capacity to adapt to the related climate impacts.

It offers a road map for making informed decisions and understanding where and how to achieve the largest and most economical emission reductions in line with other city and national policies, strategies and planning.

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