Cricket Kenya set for good tidings

Cricket Kenya CEO Jackie JanMohamed. Her association has embarked on spreading the game to the grassroots and will start with Kakamega next week. (Image: Courtesy)

The dwindling fortunes of Kenyan cricket could be a thing of the past if plans by the Africa Cricket Association (ACA) to improve its standards succeed.

ACA president Kassim Suliman who is currently touring the country wants to address critical issues bedeviling the sport beginning by supporting Kenya’s bid for international matches and funding the university cricket league project as a way of nurturing talent.

“Kenya is highly ranked in the game continentally. We can’t afford to see it dip further. It’s the reason we are here for discussion and ensure that they start off the project. One of the best ways to do so is to help Kenya jumpstart a university cricket league in 2015,”said Mr. Suliman.

“We are going to establish which universities to commence with and which tournaments to help Kenya participate or host. We are glad Cricket Kenya (CK) is game and our hope is that the project starts as soon as possible,” said Mr. Suliman.

The ACA committee has said they will fund the project to ensure Kenya joins other countries with a university cricket league such as Nigeria, Ghana, Namibia and Botswana who have improved their game from the initiative.

Mr. Suliman is set to hold a high-level meeting with CK bosses today to address a series of issues that will shape the sport. Other issues to be discussed at the meeting includes financing, tournaments and member inclusion.

“Our learning institutions have hidden talents which would be tapped through this initiative, also I want to praise our counties for helping with the growth of the game despite the lack of awareness by many,” said CK chairperson Jackie Janmohammed.

“We have signed a memorandum of understanding with countries to give us grounds. By August next year, we shall have a county championship. We need commitment from everybody. We need foreign teams to come and play in Kenya. This will be a huge exposure to our team’s especially the Under 19 and women team’s,” said Ms. Janmohammed.

Kenya is set to participate in the ICC Senior Women World Cup qualifiers in Kampala, Uganda in December and will also take part in the East Africa Girls Under 19 tournament in Tanzania the same month.

The ACA was also impressed by Kenya’s participation in the Super Six tournament in South Africa last month.