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Ex-Bishop Oginde recommends legal timelines in executing corruption cases

NAIROBI, Kenya Apr 5-Former Christ Is The Answer Ministry (CITAM) Presiding Bishop David Oginde is calling for legal timelines when dealing with high-level corruption cases to ensure expeditious mechanisms of executing mega graft scandals.

The nominee for appointment as Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) Chairman pointed out that mega corruption scandals have remained unearthed even after raiding the public coffers.

“High impact corruption cases there should be a legal framework that those cases should be dealt with expeditiously the way we deal with the presidential petition so that they are not dragged on forever. It’s either you are guilty or not,” said Oginde.

“We could say they need to be completed with six months or within 9 months. So that when a judge sits on a case they go with it until its concluded,” he added.

The Former Clergyman also urged the lawmakers to support the anti-graft body through laws and regulations that ensure it has investigative and prosecutorial powers to the extent it prosecutes corruption cases.

Oginde is opposed to the current multi-agency team in the war against corruption in the country saying many actors create avenues for major loopholes that drawbacks the efforts of the antigraft body.

“We need proper legislation that can facilitate the agency that fight corruption to be a one stop shop but as long as they are too many players in the field and kicking in different direction we are not likely to succeed,” he said.

Oginde vowed EACC Chairman should he fail to deliver on his mandate due to frustrations.

Oginde has promised that once he takes the helm of the EACC Chairmanship he will not accept to be corrupted for receiving dues from the public coffers for no work done.

He told the George Murugara-led committee he aims to slay the corruption dragon in the country through culture change.

“There no school I have passed through to fight corruption but there’s a passion and desire to see a different nation,” Oginde said.

“If I find that Kenyans are committed to these lifestyle and they are not willing to change then I will readily tender my resignation,” he added.

The Former Clergyman believes that the fight against the corruption dragon in the country can only be successful by boosting the campaign on culture change.

He pointed out that the combative approach of fighting corruption through laws and regulations has failed in eliminating corruption.

“Enforcement I can tell you as a preacher God tried it but he did not succeed until revolution came for humans to make their own choice,”said Oginde.

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