Hellsgate Scandal or How to get away with stealing a $100 million farm

Located at the junction of Hellsgate and South Moi lake road is what was the world’s largest rose farm, a school for 2200 kids and a hospital of 100 beds: once the pride of Africa and now the despair of 10,000 Kenyans, thanks to unscrupulous bankers exploiting loopholes to hoodwink innocent workers and helpless farmers.

At the root of the suffering is the continued embezzlement of $40 million roses by an unscrupulous and greedy bank whose only motto is “heads I win, tales you lose.”

How can the bank take a farm under Receivership and after taking $16 million in overdraft loans from itself, return to ask the owners to pay the original loan AND the losses of the bank Receivership, incurred due to their mismanagement and incompetence, as well?

Do they really want repayment or simply to cite an ever increasing amount to burden the owners until they give in? Did the bank approve these $16 million in losses so that they can steal a $100 million farm by abusing the process of law and the farce of a $4 million loan?

What is stopping this bank from doing this to other businesses? Who is asking them to account for the money they spent? Who is going to stand up for the workers the bank has stolen jobs from? The 400 million stems that have gone missing from the farm?

Who is going to bring justice to Hellsgate?