KEBS launches welders’ training and certification scheme

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has launched a Welders Certification Scheme, a training solution aimed at equipping individuals with competencies in welding based on national and international standards.

The scheme introduces a three-year renewable global certification to applicable national and international standards including ISO 15607, ISO 9606-1, ISO 17846, ISO 3834 parts 1-6, ISO 17024, among others.

“We recognise the responsibility and opportunity to address the challenges limiting the growth of trade and industries in our country. The gap on poor quality welds causes pipe and structure failures resulting in loss of containment, production loss, fire which can run to millions of shillings or man-days lost. Through the scheme, we can periodically assess the competence of welders which helps to bridge the gap on poor quality welds and fabrications,” said Lt Col (Rtd.) Bernard Njiraini, Managing Director, KEBS.

The newly launched scheme details requirements for assurance of welding and fabricating competence. It will also provide welders with numerous opportunities for career and professional development as well as networking opportunities.

It is expected that the Welders Certification Scheme will fast track the expansion of industries and sectors such as general Industries transport, mining, building and construction, manufacturing, marine and shipbuilding, oil and gas chemical and energy, informal sector, among others, that incorporate welding as part of their technical and physical operations.