A year no one could have seen coming. One moment its business as usual, and the next, we are covered by a mask of adversity and uncertainty that threatens life and business as we know it. In an instant, every page in the marketing rule book was thrown out the window and there before us, stood a new type of consumer, the lockdown consumer. For the first time ever, it didn’t matter whether you were the high end consumer or the low end consumer, your touch points became one and the same. You couldn’t cruise to Social House or walk down to your ka local to enjoy your favourite brands. Life was turned on its head and now with our consumers unable to come out and play, it was our job to find new ways to reach them.

Not long ago, when life was normal, we had launched Chrome Vodka on December 2014. A smooth vodka that allowed our consumer to Shine on and stand out from the crowd in style. With Sauti Sol as the brand ambassadors, it instantly became a hit and grew to become the number one spirit in Kenya. As time went on, we realized a shift in the Kenyan market towards the gin category, so we decided to innovate around the brand and come up with Chrome Gin. A premium affordable gin that resonates with the youth based on the insight that our consumer is proud of where they come from. Wherever they go, whether its Buru or Ongwaro, whether they end up in Runda, or they make it abroad, the hood they grew up in will always be a sacred symbol that unites them. The memories they make and the bonds that they create in these streets will stay with them forever. Chrome Gin was made to be the perfect companion for our consumer as they go on this journey of self-discovery in their respective hoods. Chrome Gin was MADE FOR THESE STREETS.

But now that the streets are no longer bustling with life and our consumer is locked down, how do we launch a brand whose connection moments were the streets. As the saying goes, Adversity is the mother of invention. Faced with these different setbacks we decided to take a different approach to launch this brand. Through Sol Generation, the new sound taking over these streets and 10/10 a show that connects to our audience in these streets, we reached behind the mask of uncertainty and adversity and launched Chrome Gin in a fun relatable way that resonated with these streets. With captivating performances, intriguing conversation and one of a kind studio branding topped off with an onstage counter where Smooth Crisp Chrome Gin was being served, we won the hearts of our audience and it wasn’t long before Chrome Gin was flying off the shelves and being talked about all over social media cementing the fact that Chrome Gin really was MADE FOR THESE STREETS. We also deploying regional based billboards such as #MadeForNai, #MadeForMeru #MadeForKilifi amongst other Billboards and street poles.

The product is available on E-commerce platforms, selected supermarkets, wines and spirits and bars. Packaged in 250ML and 750ML bottles, Chrome Gin is best served with a tonic and will retail at recommended prices (RRP) of Sh220 and Sh600 respectively; 40% ABV.

Results at a glance since launch on 16 October 2020

  • Shipment:  14,552 cases (120% vs Gate)
  • Depletions: 7118 cases (60% vs Gate)
  • Listing: 12,741 outlets (291% vs Gate)
  • ROS: 0.5 (125% vs Gate)
  • Deployed area Specific OOH – 20 Billboards
  • Deployed 150 street poles
  • Pr Value – 10M
  • Reach – 1.6M, Impression – 220K, Engagement – 24K
  • Trended on Twitter at no 2 when we launched the brand