A new marketing campaign by OPPO to position the Kenya circuit as an alternative destination will be launched from Tuesday 29th September 2020. The circuit is considered as Opulence with OPPO Reno 4 which should be a Game changer in the Market Industry.

To kick off the campaign, OPPO plans to engage with both Media based in each region as well as one of their own O-STARS that is Avril and Pascal who are the key main O-stars for the Reno Series for or a 7-day familiarization trip focused on showcasing a variety of experiences including Different excursions and visits to key destination as well as showcase how powerful the OPPO Reno 4 is when it comes to photography, as well as Videography.

If you are eager for your own African experience, there are plenty of fascinating places to explore in Kenya. The country is steeped in history, lauded with bountiful natural beauty, and renowned for refining its rustic ambiance and cultural elegance. As a matter of fact, Kenya may simply be the best-kept travel secret in Africa. The fascinating places are treasured for their beauty and they offer unequaled opportunities to unwind and relax in African style; thus making Kenya a beautiful country to visit.

Muthoni Wachira, Corporate Communications & Projects Manager of OPPO Kenya, expressed her happiness saying, “We are proud to engage on this Opulence tour together with our own O-stars Avril & Pascal to explore our magical Kenya as an opportunity to build enhance the brand visibility as well as key consumers in different regions.

Together with the Sarova Group of hotels as well as Kenya Bush track safaris, we aim to give our audiences as well as consumers a glimpse of countries’ finest destinations. Sustainable tourism and a top of class Hospitality.

The intrigue and adventure of Kenya reach back into the birth of mankind, stretches along miles of white sand beaches and journeys into dense forests and divergent deserts. Iconic landmarks such as Mount Kenya stand above the savannah plains and tropical woodlands while its intricate waterfalls lie nestled within the montage foothills. Cool breezes drift across the Indian Ocean to refresh your soul in the country’s many coastal towns and islands. From her highest peaks to her deepest ocean depths, Kenya gives you an African dream trip of a lifetime!

The campaign dubbed “Opulence with OPPO Reno 4 is an effort of OPPO as a smartphone Brand, together with our O-stars and a tour and travel operator. The drive seeks to have OPPO engage with their consumers around the country in the 6 different regions namely, Nairobi, Nakuru, Meru, as well as Mombasa and market Kenya as an alternative gateway.

OPPO might have only launched their current OPPO Reno 4 Series on September 21st but it’s actually one of the world’s largest smartphone brands. This is partly thanks to its range of bang-for-buck handsets that offer premium functionality for as little as half the price of top-tier devices. – OPPO has been known for their affordable and attractive looking phones. It definitely helps that they also produce affordable phones.

It’s easy to assume that OPPO’s latest phone is the best option and leaves it at that, but there’s more to choose from than just the Reno series. Not only does OPPO keep some of its older devices on the market, but there are budget options too if you want to save more.