Realme Buds Q Review; Design, Tech Specs, Battery Performance and Verdict

realme Buds Q

Realme Kenya introduced three pairs of truly wireless earbuds, making it loud and clear that the company is en-route the audio path and won’t back down. The third pair is the recently-unveiled Realme Buds Q that comes with attractive features such as super latency, touch controls, and more — taken from the Realme Buds Air and the Buds Air Neo.

However, it differs from the previous two ones in terms of the design and even the name. The third installment of Realme’s TWS earphones’ price has also gone down significantly, which appears like a signal from Realme telling us that it can and will produce budget earphones. I got to use the new Realme Buds Q for more than four months and here’s whether or not the pair is a needed addition. Read on my review to find out.

Realme Buds Q Review: Design

The Realme Buds Q has a different design when compared with the Realme Buds Air and the Buds Air Neo, and this is one of its positives. The cobble earbuds are curved and in-ear in nature, making it quite comfortable to wear, especially for long hours. Another advantage of the in-ear Realme Buds Q is that you get extra ear tips to use the ones that ensure the comfort and ease of usage suitable for you.

As for the box, the earbuds come with a small yellow box that contains the Realme Buds Q in a wireless charging case, which is oval-shaped. Both the charging case and the earbuds are portable and easy to carry around anywhere. Other things included in the box are the user manual, extra ear tips, and the micro-USB cable. Yes, the concession with the lower price tag of the Buds Q is the non-inclusion of USB Type-C port. Additionally, the case features a micro-USB port and the Realme logo at the top.

While the Realme Buds Q aren’t uniquely-designed but most of the other earbuds aren’t. At least they don’t appear like an AirPods’ copy and prove refreshing this time. One major thing I loved about the pair is the utmost comfort it provides. Wearing them for 3 to 4 hours straight even while working out, didn’t annoy me This is especially when the pair refused to fall off even during an intense workout session. Overall, I was impressed with the comfort and design of the Buds Q, hoping for more newness in the future Realme audio products.

Realme Buds Q Review: Tech Specs, Features

The Realme Buds Q comes with a 10mm large Dynamic bass boost driver and supports Bluetooth 5.0. Much like the Realme Buds Air and the Buds Air Neo, the Buds Q comes with Instant Connection, which ensures the earbuds connect to the smartphone when the lid of the case opens. It is backed by a 400mAh battery with a claimed 20-hour usage on a single charge.

It has support for Super latency gaming mode due to the R1Q chip, IPX4 water resistance, and touch controls (double-tap for play/pause, triple-tap for next song, press and hold single earbud to end calls, and press and hold both earbuds to enter/exit gaming mode. Additionally, it can be managed via the Realme Link app and is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Realme Buds Q Review: Performance, Battery

The new Realme TWS earbuds follow the simple process of connecting to the Bluetooth of a device to play music. But the process isn’t as smooth as told. It takes a while for it to show up on the nearby devices’ list and finally gets connected. Out of the three Realme audio products I have used, the easiest of them was the Realme Buds Air that had its Instant Connection feature as one of the major highlights.

I used the Realme Buds Q for listening to Rock musi, RnBS, Bongo, and even Hip Hop music. The Buds Q did a decent job in the aforementioned music genres but the one aspect that was overwhelming was the bass.

As for the battery, the Realme Buds Q does quite well in the area and is able to last me for 4 to 5 days with ease. To clear things out, each day, I used the pair for at least 3 to 4 hours and this how it was able to work for 4 to 5 days on a single charge.

Realme Buds Q Review: Verdict

The Realme Buds Q is priced at Ksh 3,999 and comes with intriguing features such as Instant Connection, touch controls, support for the Realme Link app, and more.