realme Buds Q Review: The Easter Gift Everyone Deserves

realme Buds Q

If you are reading this review it means one of two things. You are looking for a good gift to buy for someone this Easter season or you’re looking for a great-looking good sounding pair of Bluetooth earbuds. Either way, you’re on the right track. The realme buds Q do a great job of fulfilling all your needs. Overlooking a few minor issues here and there, you can not go wrong with these. Let’s dive into the review.

realme Buds Q: Full Review

There are a few things we absolutely love about these buds and a few things we wish were better. Let’s look at the good and slowly delve into what needs some work.

As for the good, it’s 2 main things:

  1. Build Quality
  2. Design
  3. Sound Quality

Starting with the case, these earbuds are clearly built to last. The pair I have are cases in all black while the ear tips have a shade of realme yellow.

It’s pretty clean and the realme branding is almost unnoticeable unless you hit it with the right light. Subtle but effective.

The earbuds themselves are well built too, showing off the realme badge on the sides and charging pins on the bottom.

They also feature a microphone so that your calls and audio speaking quality is well captured. That drives me straight into the design of the buds.

The realme Buds are designed to fit your ears to the best of their ability. They are in ear buds with rubber tips set for every ear size. Small, medium and large. All of these come in the box and work just right.

I have no problem running in these earbuds or bobbing my head to the music. They will not fall off. Granted it takes a few tries to get used to taking them on and off but after that it is all smooth sailing. And finally,


For the price, these buds actually sound good. The design helps with a sort of soundproofing mechanism that consumes you to utterly and only hear what is being played.

The bases and tenors are well balanced and there’s very minimal distortion at higher volumes.

As for the bad, I really only have one issue… The touch pads on the earbuds are a pain. The first few days I couldn’t understand why they won’t work. Turns out you have to be very precise with where and what you touch. Miss it by a milliliter and it does not work.

Luckily, the touch systems are remappable meaning you can change what each tap does. That’s pretty neat. -all you have to do is download the realme link app-.