Samsung Electronics East Africa has teamed up with Watoto Watch Network (WWN)

Samsung Electronics East Africa has teamed up with Watoto Watch Network (WWN), a non-governmental organisation to raise awareness on Child Online Protection by implementing an informative and sensitization program for them in schools.

The company, together with WWN, will be highlighting some of the child safety features on its mobile and handheld devices, with a particular focus on the Kids Mode application (app).

Kids Mode is a parental control app that parents and guardians can activate to create a child friendly mobile environment for their kids, protecting them from the dangers of the Internet.

When in Kids Mode a child using a Samsung smartphone or tablet can only access applications and content pre-selected and deemed suitable for them by parents and guardians.

The app prevents the child from interacting with any other content or app on the mobile device that may expose them to harmful information. In addition to that, the app allows parents and guardians to set time limits on mobile device, to restrict over-use by youngsters.

“With more children becoming exposed to the Internet via smartphones and tablets from as early as two years of age, Samsung has put in place measures to ensure that parents and guardians can protect their children from inappropriate content,” says Robert Ngeru, Samsung Electronics East Africa Vice President and COO.

“Rather than denying them the chance to enjoy all the information available online, we saw it fit to create an application that allows parents to provide measured access to the Internet while being able to monitor what children are doing while interacting with games, apps and websites,” said Mr. Ngeru.

Kids Mode is available on Samsung Galaxy S5*, Note 3**, Note 4*, Galaxy Tab 4** (7-inch) and Galaxy Tab S* (8.4 and 10.5-inch) models.