See what life under Taliban rule looks like outside of Kabul

In a report by CNN’s International Diplomatic Editor Nic Robertson, the network examines what life under Taliban rule looks like outside of Kabul in Afghanistan, highlighting the country’s near financial collapse and sharp shift to religious rule.
The week after Kabul fell, a local journalist took a road trip from the border to the capital to discover how the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan is affecting local communities. Although much has changed since the Taliban were last in charge, such as the growth of smartphones and social media, poverty remains the country’s biggest problem.
CNN hears that changes are already underway at the Afghan border, such as longer opening hours of the border and segregating men and women. “Before, we had one single line, for both men and women, now we have two, they are kept apart” says a Taliban border commander.
Inside Taliban courthouses, local leaders are careful to praise the new rulers, as legislation becomes more aligned to the Taliban’s interpretation of Islamic law.
However, in local markets, the biggest concern is making a living, as local businesses continue to struggle and prices continue to increase.
The challenge to meet the Afghan people’s needs is seen closer to Kabul, as one doctor tells CNN: “Day and night, we get 25-30 patients and we have just one doctor and one nurse for them all.” Outside the hospital, the Taliban claim an alternate reality, saying that now the doctors are there for patients all the time.