Statement from The Nairobi Women’s Hospital

Following a meeting of its Board, the Nairobi Women’s Hospital confirms that Dr. Felix Wanjala has agreed to step aside while both an internal review and an independent inspection by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Council are carried out.

In the interim, the leadership of Nairobi Women’s Hospital will be undertaken by an Operating Committee reporting to the Board. This committee is comprised of three Evercare representatives.

It is a priority to allow the review process to take place in the best possible conditions, in order to ensure clarity on the allegations that have been made. The Nairobi Women’s Hospital and the management team are committed to cooperating fully and in the most open manner. We expect this process will be concluded shortly, and we will update all stakeholders in due course.

The Board and the management team of the Nairobi Women’s Hospital would like to thank Dr. Felix Wanjala for his continuous commitment and dedication to his role, the clinical staff and the entire organisation over the last six years.