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Tom Brady and Lewis Hamilton speak to CNN Sport in rare joint interview

Arguably the greatest athletes of all time in their respective sports of American football and Formula One, Tom Brady and Lewis Hamilton teamed up on Wednesday with a different sort of drive on their minds: Hitting the golf links for a charity event to raise money for social programs in the Miami area.

After ‘The Big Pilot Challenge’ took place, and a matter of days before the inaugural F1 race in Miami, the legendary stars, who both have seven world titles to their names, sat down with CNN Sport’s Coy Wire in a rare joint interview to discuss their incredible careers, admiration of each other, and explain what keeps them motivated.

“I am so happy to be in Miami. This is the sport’s first time here and the anticipation of this event has just skyrocketed,” said Hamilton ahead of this weekend’s Grand Prix, which will take place at the Hard Rock Stadium.

Discussing notions of success in sports, Hamilton said: “We have a responsibility to pick each other up and put it through those difficult times that we grow stronger and we grow closer and we pull tighter and we dig deeper than we ever thought … they say you’ve got to dig deep, but you can always dig deeper. You can always go that bit further.”

“You have to come to grips with the fact that it’s still better to play and lose than to not play at all,” added Brady.

Talking about how the challenges he faces have changed as he has gotten older, Brady said: “And I still got to put my time and energy where it needs to be, you know, so that other aspects of my life do well, too. So that’s been the biggest challenge as I’ve gotten older is, you know, trying to make sure my priorities stay my priorities.”

“But I feel like when it’s football season, you know, that’s where my it’s been always been my first love. And it’s just amazing to still have the ability to go out and compete like I like I did. And I do it because I love my teammates. That’s the reality,” he adds.

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