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Tunisian food crisis worsens as Russia holds grip on Ukrainian grain exports


In a piece from Tunis, TunisiaCNN’s David McKenzie reports on the country’s ever-worsening food crisis as Russia’s blockade on grain from Ukraine drives up prices.

“The war has really impacted both the consumer and our agricultural productions. Right now, every country must become self-reliant. If that’s not possible, things are going to get very difficult,” says Habibi Mrabet, the Regional Delegate for the Tunisian Agriculture Ministry.

Although farmers are scrambling to increase production and change consumer habits, Tunisia gets around sixty percent of its soft wheat from Ukraine and Russia, a number that the country will never be able to make up, according to an official who spoke to CNN.

Tunisians were just recovering from the crushing effects of the pandemic and a decade of political uncertainty, but as prices continue to increase, most can only afford a few luxuries. “Young people, they cannot marry now, they don’t have enough money to live. They cannot have a family,” says Houria Bousad, a retired teacher.

In addition, farmers like Walid are struggling to sell their sheep for Eid celebrations. “Animal feed prices are doubled because of Ukraine. It’s a chain reaction that’s bad enough now. But the effect of the war is really going to be felt next year,” he tells McKenzie.

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