US housing firm to construct a KES 1.3 billion manufacturing facility in Thika

Cabinet Secretary for Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development officially opens the IGS show house at Industrial Area. Looking on are David Renz from the US Embassy, IGS Global President Micheal F Mc Carthy and Julius Kamau Nyoike IGS Kenya LTD President. The material to be used for the construction panels are a by-product of rice and wheat set to boost local farmers.

• The company’s long term plans is to deliver affordable homes to Kenyans
• The launch of IGS operations is expected to create over 4000 direct and indirect jobs and training opportunities for Kenyan Youth by end of 2015

International Green Structures (IGS), an American manufacturing, engineering and construction firm that provides affordable building solutions using sustainable and renewable materials will build a KES 1.3bn manufacturing facility in Thika.

IGS becomes the first US Company to enter Kenya after the US-Africa Summit held early August 2014 in Washington, DC.

It has already spent KES 130mn in market research, technology approval, marketing and prototype units locally.

The Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Land Housing and Urban Development Charity Ngilu welcomed the initiative saying the high population increase projected at 42 million people will meet the rising demand for housing in the country.

“We are targeting to provide building solutions just under KES 9, 000 per square meter by allowing construction companies and developers to culturally adapt the IGS structures for Kenyans in the communities where they live.” said Mike McCarthy, the IGS President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

IGS has been holding high level discussions with the central government and developers from which it has already received commitments of 3,400 units from the private sector alone.

“There is an overwhelming demand for housing in Kenya and limited supply in the middle and lower market segment, giving IGS optimism of great success,” said Mr. McCarthy.

Julius K. Nyoike, the President of IGS Kenya Ltd. said his company’s vision aligns with Kenya’s Vision 2030, whose long term strategy is to improve livelihoods of Kenyans through facilitation of access to affordable and adequate housing.

IGS expects to provide a second income to rice and wheat farmers as these are the material used in producing durable panels made from straw, a wasteful by-product of wheat and rice crops that has no potential for fuel or food.

The straw from wheat and rice are cycled into a Compressed Agricultural Fiber (CAF) Panel. The innovative manufacturing process creates rigid, thermo-set panels that equal or exceed the durability of block and cement or brick.

CAF Panels are also energy efficient with natural thermal and sound attenuating properties. They are also fire, water, mold and pest resistant. In addition, harvesting straw has a low-carbon footprint. Not only is this a green product, it is also a healthier, sustainable product to traditional building materials.

Because of its flexible technology, IGS can create a variety of IGStructures that are easily expandable and accommodate a variety of sizes and designs, from residential housing to commercial and institutional structures.

IGS expects to create over 4000 direct and indirect jobs by end of 2015 assuming an uptake of all its products get constructed.

“We target to produce 3000 IGStructures in our first phase which with expansion of production lines, will increase capacity to about 12,000 units per year,” said Mr. Nyoike.