Venus Williams: Major tournaments can succeed this summer

In an exclusive interview on CNN’s Quest Means Business, four-time Olympic Champion Venus Williams discussed her plans to compete in Wimbledon and the Olympics this summer, “If I can make it there, that will be a dream come true.”

The tennis star spoke to CNN’s Richard Quest about the uncertainty around major events, including the Olympics, but said that it would be a “dream” to get to the Tokyo games, “I don’t know that I look forward that far anymore! Is that bad? I’d like to get through – let’s hope Wimbledon happens right? I’d like to get back to Wimbledon first; but the Olympics, it will be a great dream.”

Williams praised the Australian Open as a “success” and said that future tennis events, including Wimbledon, could learn from Australia’s example, “With that role model set forth by Tennis Australia and Craig Tiley [CEO of Tennis Australia], who did an amazing job, I think Wimbledon will be able to succeed.”

Williams also spoke about how the pandemic has changed people’s approach to doing business. She told Quest, “We’ve adjusted to [the new normal] and I think it’s created so much more innovation. People are rethinking their businesses. People are being forced to actually be better, instead of waiting to make these changes they would have made in ten years, they’re making them now.”